Definition of gratitude in English: The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness
I love this word, the way it sounds as it rolls off my lips and the way it feels when it forms in my mouth, giving this beautiful word an added edge. My favourite part of this word is the first part of the definition above:
The quality of being thankful
The world we live in today is full of things that may question our ability to be thankful and yes I do often question this but I also stop myself and readjust my view of the world and focus on the many things I have to be thankful for.
My children are my main area in my life that I am thankful for. They drive me insane a lot of the time but that is just them being children. When I sit and think about what a blessing they are, how lucky we are to have them in our lives and that they are happy and healthy, I cherish that thought and put all the bad stuff out of my mind,
Health is another area I am thankful for. I am relatively healthy, it is an area that needs improvement yet I will be doing more improve this in 2016, but I have lost too many friends over the past few years, making me reevaluate my thoughts about health. We take it for granted far too much.
There are also the little things that I am grateful for and if I am not mindful, I could miss them but they all count. Birds singing, a good cup of coffee and the countryside are just a few, I could go on forever.
Part of my New Year Intentions is to start a gratitude journal as part of my organised life project (more to come soon) to document my day-to-day thankfulness, Acknowledging what we are grateful for will make us seek and appreciate the simple things in life.
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  1. Mrs M says: Reply

    That's a really nice idea. I definitely feel more thankful these days.

  2. I really need to sit back more and think about all the things I should be grateful for. x

  3. What a lovely idea! Sometimes it is so easy to forget to be grateful.

  4. In life there are lots of things we can appreciate but we tend to not notice them. I think reflecting back I should make a list like this too.

  5. I have a gratitude journal and lovbe it. We end the day here with three positive things, even the boys doo. I think that it is important to be thankful for what we have

  6. Gratitude is something that I try really hard to instil in my children x x

  7. I like to think my children are thankful for everything they have but I think its something they won't learn until they're older

  8. Beautiful xx I try and be grateful always

  9. Beautiful photo and such an important subject – it's too easy to become complacent.

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