Live intentionally in 2016

Planning is a big part of how I managed to get things done. If I didn’t write lists for everything, and I really do mean everything, many events would be missed, items forgotten to be picked up and children in the wrong place at the wrong time.
I normally take the time between Christmas and New Year to reflect on past year and plan for the next. Having an action plan or bucket list for the year ahead helps us as a family to make the most of our time together as well as helping me to set achievable goals for the things I want to do. These plans all lead into us living an authentic and intentional life.
Intentional living is something I am exploring alongside slow living, through making sure that the decisions I make and actions I take are grounded and rooted in things that will matter when all is said and done.
It can be so easy when setting goals to aim too high and set yourself up for a fall, yet setting goals that are too easy is not beneficial either. Setting goals that are intentional, which benefit not only the goal setter but those around them too, are the types of goals I am aiming to achieve next year.
So, how am I planning on living intentionally in 2016?
Here are the five steps to setting and achieving intentional goals:
1.       Explore. Before writing your goals for the year, sit and down and write out everything you hope to achieve. Not just for the year ahead, but also anything you want to do in your lifetime. Think about things you’ve enjoyed in the past and what really matters to you and your family. Once you have done and write them all on a blank piece of paper. Then narrow that list down to the actions you want to achieve in the coming year.
2.       Make them SMART. Are the actions on the final list achievable? One way of finding this out is to use the SMART method, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. By making sure your goals use specific language, can be measured, is attainable and realistic and can be achieved in a time frame.
3.       Plan.Grab a planner and mark down each goal, when you are starting it and when you need it to be achieved by. Having it written down and in place somewhere you can see it will remind you of what you have set out.
4.       Review.Each month, take some time to see how well you are doing with your goals. If you are struggling, finding an accountability partner is a great way of staying on top of your goals.
5.       Name It.Each year I choose a word that sums up what I want to focus on. Choosing a name that sets the theme for your year helps remind you of what you wanted to achieve and why.


So what will you achieve in 2016?
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  1. Great post. I have bookmarked to come back to in January when all the Christmas madness is over!

  2. I'm really not a list person. I wish I were because I think it would help me be less chaotic, but lists always have the opposite effect on my and stress me out!

    I love the sound of your plan though, hope it works out for you. x

  3. Bookmarked. My life is so hectic with kids, studying my degree and my blog of course. I have bookmarked this page as there are so many fab tips x

  4. what a great way to take on the new year .. i need to be more pro active in setting goals for 2016

  5. Sonia says: Reply

    Oh I need to get through this year before I make plans for next 😉 Love the idea of reviewing each month though. x

  6. I have a blog planner and am determined to use it this year!

  7. I tend to do my planning in September, that just feels like the new year to me, hacking back to school days! So We set a few intentions in December, but nothing major

  8. LOVE this. I have been a bit lost this last few months with my youngest starting school and my eldest heading off to uni, will be taking some of this advice to make the new year a positive one!

  9. I never write lists, however if I were to be more organised I could see it happening and make my life move in the right direction.
    I really like your way of thinking, sounds simple enough to me. I really want to set some goals for my life. Thank you for the great post x

  10. Great ideas. I am definitely going to be better at my list making in 2016…I do write them now but often lose them! So I'm going to have a dedicated book and stick to it 🙂

  11. I am very into my to do lists, but we don't really do longer term goal planning (or even short to medium term).

  12. I love love love this! And so sharing it now and going to try this to help me make sure next years a good one! X

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