Time to slow down


With the festive period fast approaching, now is a good time to start to slow down.
I can already hear you shouting, “What, are you mad?” and no I’m not. For many of us, the stresses of keeping up with the many demands we put on ourselves and that others expect can leave us frazzled by the time the big day comes, leaving us too tired to actually enjoy our families and friends.
With this in mind, are there any area’s in your life that you can slow down or stop straight away?
Do you really need to be on social media so often?
Can you organise your shopping to be delivered rather than having to go to the store?
Is there one commitment that you have that you could stop for the month of December?
Write a list of the commitments you have, then go through them and see if there are any you can stop or cut right back.
Other ways you can slow down is to get organised. This is something I really struggle with, but I am hoping that over the coming months, following on from this project, my organisational skills will improve.
Most of the stress in my life is from being unorganised.
Take for example a typical morning in our house. If the children put their shoes together and in one place, we wouldn’t spend the last ten minutes before we leave the house looking for the one that got away.
Part of the reason behind this post is to find time for you, to do something that you want even if it is just reading a book or taking an uninterrupted bath. I recently read this article and it really resonated with me and the reasons why I chose to start this project.
Now is the perfect time to start to slow down, the festive season should be spent enjoying quality time with those you love and making memories, something we cannot do if you are tied up with commitments.
Make this festive season the best yet by slowing life down.


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  1. I think it's really important to take some time for yourself, it's easy to get caught up in the rest of the world!

  2. I think you've right. I am hoping to do this soon as my language class finishes on Monday so I'll have a few Mondays to myself.

  3. Love this – so true. I think slowing down would be good for all of us, just to take a little bit of time and not be so frantic. Hope it happens!!

  4. this is so true… it is so hard to take a step back sometimes and this post sums up the importance of living!

  5. I'm busier than ever! One of my jobs is events listings so at the moment I can't keep up with amount of Christmas fairs and activities about.

  6. This is so true – I find that organisation is the key as it allows me to take it easy without having to not do something if you know what I mean x

  7. For me organisation is everything. I try and be as organised as possible, so we can all just sit back and relax

  8. December is always my slow month as I get organised in November an then take Advent to focus on the real meaning of Christmas.

  9. We try to be organised and put all the shoes together but one always seems to get away. I won't get to slow down until the kids break up but I aim to have everything done by then

  10. Great list – as a counsellor I have just written a post all about how to enjoy Christmas – slowing down is a good start! Kaz x

  11. Hear hear! I've really cut back on my social media this month. And decided to have a blog holiday from the 20th. Yippee – can't wait 🙂

  12. oana79 says: Reply

    I have to slow down now, December is a very difficult month to get through since we lost Georgie and the only way to cope is to do less and give ourselves plenty of grace.xx

  13. Sonia says: Reply

    I'm trying to slow down but it's crazy until the kids break up from school. I can't wait until they finish so we can all chill out together x

  14. I am starting to snatch back moments in my hectic life to just sit and enjoy, my aim is to grow those moments over the next year.
    Fabulous post, thank you

  15. I am so busy too, I am terrible for overbooking myself, but am trying to cut back a little!!!

  16. It's funny I was reading this and only five minutes ago thought I need to slow down. This time of year is just crackers isn't it. We have my daughter's birthday on Christmas Day so I need to get cracking with the present buying then take some time off. Lovely photo 🙂

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