True meaning of slow living


This concept is still very new to me. It is something I have wanted to embrace for quite a while but changing my mindset was a long process, yet I am still slightly confused on what others feel slow living involves.
I recently read this post, which raised even more questions as to what the true meaning of slow living is.
I think this concept means something completely different to everyone who adopts this lifestyle, some think it means you reign in your spending, getting rid of as many possession as possible and lower your ambitions, as stated in the post mentioned above.
I sent a tweet to find out what others thought and fellow blogger and slow living adopter, Annie Spatt from Fable and Folk, shared this:

I’ve embraced a slow paced life of late. I want to call it slow living but whenever I read about slow living it usually mentions minimalism, de-cluttering and living with less as being part of ‘the movement’. The thing is I like cosy clutter, possessions, bits and bobs that tie me to the past, the I have formed attachments to and giving those things up just doesn’t feel right. But buying more locally, walking instead of driving, preparing meals from scratch, slowly and with love and such things do feel right. For me the true meaning of slow living is the pace of life, doing things with thought and consideration and not how minimally I can live.

To me, slow living is linked to living authentically and purposefully, making each day count and being true to yourself. In today’s society, there is too much competition, we share everything through social media, leading to many of us feeling left behind and not fulfilled in our lives.
Authentic and purposeful living means living a life that’s right for you and which you are comfortable with. Doing a job you love (be that bringing up your children, pursuing a hobby as a business, or writing a book). Spending more time on hobbies and with family. Making the most of what you have and not selling out for the things you don’t.


This is my definition of slow living. You can still want to achieve and grow, just at a pace that suits you.
What do you think?
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  1. I agree totally, slow living is about taking more time to embrace life, slowing everything down an appreciating it. Happy 2016 to you!

  2. For me slow living is being aware of the seasons, our family and our surroundings rather than just rushing from one thing to the next and never stopping to breathe and appreciate what we have or see. Minimalism is out of the question in our home as it’s filled with books, art, and things I’ve collected from a life of travelling. Moreover with children I find it’s impossible to feel uncluttered unless you have huge cupboards to store everything in – and spend all your time clearing it up! Ironically if I was overly worried about everything being simple and bare then I wouldn’t really be able to slow down.

  3. Mrs M says: Reply

    I definitely need to embrace this! I feel I go everywhere and do everything at full pelt and it's very wearing.

  4. yes i agree, great definition 🙂
    x Katherine

  5. Louise says: Reply

    Love this attitude – life is so fast paced and rushed. Slowing down and enjoying the moment should be embraced in 2016! Xx

  6. I love the idea of slow living but life is an adventure for us and I have no intention of slowing down :0)

  7. I could never got minimalist – I love the things that I have around me! Although, there is some de-cluttering needing to be done. Slow living, to me, is taking time to embrace life and your surroundings. Life is so fast paced these days, and it's frightening.

  8. I love the idea in theory as I definitely think we should take time to appreciate what we have but I also think that every day should be an adventure of new things.

    Happy New Year to you all x

  9. I think that I have lived a slower life since the boys were little. I cook from scratch with love most days and take time to smell the roses. I don't equate slow with minimal. It is about seasonal living and genteel domesticity to me!

  10. I do love the idea of a slow pace but we're so busy and I'm loving every minute of it. At some point I will slow down though, and I'm looking forward to that time as much as I'm enjoying this time! Great post.

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