Embracing the small moments




Weekends tend to be quite busy in our house; football matches, children meeting up with friends and the occasional birthday celebration , which can leave me feeling like I need another weekend to get over the last.
With this in mind, those weekends when we have little on are the ones I treasure the most. Last weekend was one of those. No football meant I wasn’t rushing out the door early Sunday morning and spending half the day on the touchline.
It gave us the time to enjoy what beauty we have around us.
We are so lucky to live in a very small village, surrounded by open fields and lots of wildlife.
Over the winter months, Polo ponies spend their offseason grazing in the fields around the village and the children love visiting them.
It’s amazing to see the joy on my children’s faces, through a simple interaction with such a beautiful animal.
It’s the small moments like these that warm my heart and will be remembered.

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  1. Gorgeous ponies and gorgeous littles! I always find its the little things that bring the most joy xx

  2. I love the small moments that mean the most. Cute photos the ponies are cute I'll have to take blake to go and see some locally.

  3. Beautiful pictures – really lovely. And I totally agree that it's wonderful to spend time together without all the rushing about. Sometimes we really need it, and those are the best times!

  4. abc says: Reply

    Beautiful pictures. I love article.

  5. Very true – so important to enjoy those lovely family times. #whatevertheweather

  6. What gorgeous photos. Really beautiful. I love days like this.

  7. How lovely – the best days are when we seemingly do 'nothing' they turn out to give us the best memories. Beautiful photos. Kaz x

  8. Some really beautiful photos in there, such a lovely day.

  9. Thanks, I'm taking more notice of them these days.

  10. Its amazing how often I over look these moments. Hope Blake likes them as much as my two.

  11. Thank you and yes they really are

  12. Thanks

  13. Yes as they grow far too quickly

  14. I need to start creating more of them.

  15. Doing nothing is the best way to spend family time!

  16. Thanks, it's my aim to take more photo's this year as I let this slip a bit last.

  17. We love it when we don't have anything planned for a weekend. It does mean we get a bit of a break before the next week comes upon us.

  18. I miss having horses beside my house! they were always such a pleasure to visit! 🙂 x

  19. Sonia says: Reply

    Lovely photos, I have such happy memories of walks with my Dad and stopping to feed the horses x

  20. We have horses outside the school and love heading over to say hello 🙂

  21. Aw I couldn't agree more. The best days for us are when we just spend time together enjoying each other's company. Beautiful pictures x

  22. It's always refreshing when there's nothing on the schedule at the weekend and you can just be free to enjoy it as comes.

  23. Aw horses! We had a horse over the back when I was a kid. Headbutted me once…grrr! Weekends are just the best
    I try to cram housework during the week so we can have fun.

  24. These are definitely the moments to treasure, lovely photos!

  25. I am terrified of horses! I was badly bitten as a child and just can not even go near them. We haven't had a football match since the second week in August, Maxi is keen to get playing again this sunday

  26. What beautiful pictures, my boys love getting closer to horses 🙂 I agree weekends are for quality time together… I just need to detach mine from computer games… x

  27. We always forget about how the little simple things can make us really happy.

  28. Couldn't agree more. Life is just full speed now. Love quite weekends like I used to have as s child. Time spent at home talking, baking is what I love

  29. The little moments really are so precious aren't they. It's so easy to forget that until something makes you enjoy a moment. What a beautiful walk around meeting some furry friends. I also adore village life in the countryside. It's so nice to get to take some time out to appreciate your surroundings. Thank you for sharing your adventure with #whatevertheweather xx

  30. Such beautiful photos! Completely agree, the little things, the simple life, that's definitely what I love most. The days when we can go for walks and bike rides, taking time without rushing to get somewhere. You are lucky to live where you are too, it looks like a beautiful place.
    Thanks so much for linking up to #Whateverthweather 🙂 x

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