Minimalism within reason

It’s early days in our journey to embrace slow living and everywhere I look for inspiration there are hints of minimalism. Be it decluttering, no spend months, nothing new for a year or capsule wardrobes, the majority of the blogs I read have embraced the minimal movement.
Part of the reason I started this blog is to chart our journey to create a slower paced life, embracing those small moments in time that we can quite easily miss, but I am now wondering whether achieving a truly slowly lived lifestyle will also mean embracing a minimal lifestyle too?
We live in a small house, which is currently in need of a decluttering, but I can’t ever see us having no clutter at all. Part of family life is keeping treasures and with five of us in the house, these can build up over time.
Add to this a number of clothing children need, school uniforms, leisurewear, sports uniforms etc, my washing pile is never empty.
So having a minimalist home is something I don’t think will fit into our new lifestyle, yet I still want to reduce the clutter, clothing etc so my point is, minimalism is great but for me, it will be by reason of our way of living.
Hip Diggs shared this interesting post giving his opinion of living a simple life without going too far. It sums up my approach, moderation really is the key to achieving my end goal, a slower, simpler life which will reduce our impact on the environment around us.
Are you a minimalist? What do you think?
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  1. I have heard of this, I have never seen anyone actually live like this. My house is free flowing with piles of all sorts, books, clothes, bags, paper everywhere. Maybe one day. I hate mess and clutter however having children, 2 messy boys actually, that idea is out of the window.

  2. My house is full of so much, I like my home comforts to much but do love the way a minimalistic home looks xx

  3. Minimalism doesn't fit in with our lifestyle either, I like stuff too much! As nice as minimalistic houses look, I also like my house to look fun and lived in, ideally with a little bit less mess than what I currently have but I can't have it all!


  4. I love the minimalist look but with two kids it could never ever happens in my house! I'm looking forward to following your slow living journey.

  5. No I am not a minimalist, it leaves me cold! I know when the stuff is taking over, but I also like stuff about. I like houses that tell stories of the people who live there too much. I love that people walk into our house and look round, the best houses for me are like being in a museum.

  6. There are 5 of us in my house too and we are a long way from minimalist. However, I like the idea of it and maybe one day… Best of luck with your slow living.

  7. I cant do the minimalist thing, I like stuff and have a lot of it x

  8. I live in a tiny two bed house with my hubby and three kids so we tend towards minimalism by necessity. I'm all about storage and decluttering and am not adverse to clearing stuff out very regularly. I think in a small space with lots of people you just need to make space to live.

  9. I would love to be a mimialist. My hubby is such a clutter bug and i find it so hard especially be too unwell to declutter.. In the future I will do it! Angela

  10. I'd love to be a minimalist, however I just have way to much junk, maybe I could hide it in a cupboard.

  11. Jessica from Living with Intention here… I love you intention to slow down but stay true to what is meaningful and reasonable for your family. I see minimalism and being a minimalist not defined by how much we have, but how we approach life – identifying what is valuable (like family treasures) and adds joy, and simply letting go of the rest. This is going to look different for everyone! For some, letting go of only a little is enough. And that's perfect. For others, they let go of a lot. And that's perfect, too. It's the intention behind it, I think. 🙂

  12. I love the idea of a minimalist house but as a family of 8 I don't think this will ever be possible LOL

  13. Minimalism sounds good but isn't oractical in our house with D hoarding and Lucas' toys x

  14. I'm not a minimalist but I do like to keep control of the clutter! I think when you have children it is hard to rein it in sometimes as they bring so much 'stuff' with them, but I try to keep to the philosophy of 'collect experiences not things', so we prefer to give our children experiences at times like Christmas rather than lots of presents.

  15. Very interesting post. I think it is impossible to parent and be a minimalist.
    We are only a family of three and could not manage it because of so many meaningful possesions. In my head i would love a minimalist house but in reality i love to display pictures etc.
    I have my own little work space which is fairly clutter free!

  16. Oh I am SO not a minimalist – although I do love looking at houses / rooms that are! I hoard, have so much clutter and four children! I can dream though…. Kaz x

  17. I love stuff too much to be a minimalist – however I am learning to be a better curator of it all – choosing items that go together to create beautiful displays, and accepting that I cant have everything on display all at once!

  18. I feel like we have too much stuff, but I don't think I would want to go minimalist either. Finding a balance would be nice but with a toddler who loves having all of her toys out at once I get the feeling I might be waiting a while! haha

  19. I'm actually not a fan of the minimalist look. I prefer "stuff" around. It makes me feel more comfortable and I think it's more personal too. Minimalism could be anyones home.

  20. I love a little mixture, I do love the minimalist look I have been told my house is this but my husband and children find it still so homely. Staying true to yourself is the most important thing.

  21. I've never worked out what minimalist people do in their spare time whilst in their houses. There's only so much one can talk about!

  22. I love knick-knacks too much to ever be a true minimalist! I'm all for slowing down and not trying not to cram too much into life, though. We miss so much if everything's all busy, busy, busy.

  23. I like the idea of minimalist, but also like to have the keepsakes that celebrate life, it's a fine balance!

  24. I actually like a bit of clutter… well OK, a lot! Makes a house feel more lived in 🙂

  25. oana79 says: Reply

    I think I am like you, Kizzy, I like my house tidy but I couldn't get rid of things with emotional value.xx

  26. I'm far too untidy to ever be a minimalist! Part of me would like to be, but I think I just like 'things' too much!

  27. I totally agree with your comment about moderation not minimalism. Although the hsbeast would be happy with a minimalism lifestyle, it isn't for me.

  28. I could never be mimnalist I try and make sure I have only what I need or like .. though I like too much !

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