I realised towards the end of last year that I needed a complete mindset change.
I had been reflecting on why nothing ever seemed to move forward, get better or change no matter how hard I thought I had tried.
I had thought I’d been trying to improve our lives over the past couple of years but actually, for some unknown reason, I have been sabotaging everything along the way.
I admit it,
I self-sabotage.
The first step was to embrace the life we already have. By accepting what we have and making it the best it can be I can move forward and plan a more authentic, intentional life that I am less likely to sabotage.
 This is how Slowly Lived evolved .A life that is lived at a slower pace, lived to the full without over-extending ourselves and yet still achieving what we want to or feel we need to feel accomplished.
Wanting more is human nature but to progress we need to first accept the good in our lives and be grateful then, hopefully, the life we are destined to have will come our way.
What do you think? Do you self-sabotage? How have you overcome it?
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  1. I absolutely agree that gratitude plays a massive part in being happy in the here and now but I'd say that the first step to curing the self sabotage trait is to recognise and be aware of it so well done as you have already done that!
    I have read a number of great books to help me unravel parts of my thinking that weren't serving me, so have a browse on Amazon and see what catches your eye – maybe that can help? Whatever happens, I wish you the best on your journey and hope that you manage to create your best life – wherever that may take you!

  2. I think everyone is a little guilty now and then. I agree with the points of the previous commenter, great tips!

  3. Sonia says: Reply

    I think I have definitely been guilty of this, I think I am better now than before but it's easy to slip back into old ways.

  4. I hope you have a better year in 2016. I have to try and focus on the positives in my life and not get bogged down in what I don't have, it takes effort to do that, sometimes I'm successful and sometimes I self-sabotage too x

  5. This is something that a lot of people do. I had CBT and it really changed the way I think. I was guilty of this and catastrophising and self bulling too. I taught myself to ask if I would do this to a friend.

  6. I am terrible at self-sabotaging – mainly with weight loss, its like I cannot help myself. I suppose the first step in stopping it is realising that you do it in the first place

  7. My husband's aunt was was terrible at self-sabotaging. She was always trying to keep up with her richer, more successful friends instead of living the life she had which was far better than most people's!

  8. I honestly don't think I do this, but then maybe I'm in denial!

  9. I think I'm really guilty of self sabotage. I would be really interested in what you identified as the issue for you. I'm a terrible procrastinator, but have really had to work on that now I'm working from home. Good luck with you changes, I'll be interested in reading how this goes

  10. This is interesting, and not something which I've thought about before, so I'm not really sure. I definitely agree about being grateful for and appreciating what you have. Good luck with your journey.

  11. Yes I do – and I should know better – I have taught this to clients for years and STILL don't get it myself! great post. Kaz x

  12. I have to admit I have self sabotaged on many occasions but then I always try and reflect and become grateful for what we have and press the reset button – we can all strive to be more grateful and it's always good to sit down and put things into perspective

    Laura x

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