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The past few weeks have been really busy and have tested how realistic slow living is as a goal for our family. This is through nothing that I have done differently, it is just simply how life has fallen. There are some many areas within our lives that we cannot completely control, school life, work life and for me studying too, each area has its own requirements.
Whilst I have been wrestling with time, I have also been thinking about the bigger impact the way we live has on not only our lives but those around us locally, nationally and globally. Like the food we eat, the way we travel, the waste we produce and the consumables we purchase. Every aspect of our lives has an impact further afield than just our homes.
With this in mind, over the coming months I am going to be looking at these different aspects of our lives, assess what we have been doing and find practical ways in which we can change.
The waste in our house is phenomenal and I recycle as much as I can. Looking at ways in which I can reduce this is first on my list of priorities. Another area I want to address quickly is the products we use, not only personally but also in our home for cleaning etc.
I’m hoping that at the end of this, not only will it help with achieving a life slowly lived but will also help the world around us and improve the quality of our lives too.
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  1. It's true – the amount of waste from the average household is phenomenal. I used to be bad but my Mrs has sorted me out!

  2. Those are great goals to work towards. Waste always bugs me and I make sure we always eat leftovers, recycle everything we can and buy with as little packaging as possible. We also compost our organic waste. My main hate is bottled water and I get so fed up when the guests in my gite fill the bins with water bottles (made of polluting oil-based plastic of course) when they can safely drink from the taps.

  3. I am shocked every fortnight that we fill a huge recycling bin. The supermarkets should demand less packaging from manufacturers

  4. I have learned to slow things down s I was missing out on the kids so much as was always far to busy packing in their days we have decided at least once a week to do nothing but films and snuggles and yes with 6 kids we have an awful lot of waste too

  5. Good luck with each and every one of your goals. I always attempt to recycle as much as I can, but I'm sure there's still room for improvement!

  6. Great goals. We try and have less waste as possible its always good to look into ways of reducing it more.

  7. I have been trying to focus on food waste in our house recently but trying to come up with new ways to use up everything! it's a great idea to focus on our larger impact!

  8. EmmaT says: Reply

    I work for a company that's all about encouraging a sustainable use of resources but we still have waste…food mostly because plans go out the window at the last minute. I do recycle what I can, the OH burns stuff on the wood burner, dogs can have some leftovers. Just a shame we can't feed peelings to pigs because that's so handy for some of the unavoidable waste and gives them a much more varied diet. But the OH doesn't recycle anything, so I end up having to take things out of the bin.

  9. oana79 says: Reply

    I recycle as much as I can too and try not to throw food out by cooking every other day, if possible but you are right, we all do live at too fast a speed.xx

  10. I recycle as much as I can, we used to have composter for food waste and I did grow my own as we had an allotment, but life took over and I had to give the allotment up x

  11. I'm with you on the recycling – I always do this and am amazed at how much packaging is on the things we buy. I was really pleased when the 5p carrier bag charge came in as I could visibly see more people using their own bags for life. I think it takes time to change habits but when we try it is for the better x

  12. Good Luck – I am really enjoying your posts. I recycle as much as I can, and have SO much stuff to sort out for charity, to sell etc. Kaz x

  13. Waste is something I need to focus on too. I am going to try and clear the clutter and then focus on waste,

  14. I try not to waste when I can and am hoping to continue promoting conscious living.

  15. This really resonates with me and how I have been examining my life over the past twelve months. Can't wait to read more. 🙂

  16. I'm trying to be more mindful in the things I do. It's not an easy thing but is important to me. I like your post and am trying to declutter and make a better space in my home and doing a lot of recycling too! Angela

  17. If you find a way of reducing the waste please let me know – we overfill our bins every week

  18. Same here, we always seem to be heading to the tip and our recycling bins are always overflowing (that'll be the wine bottles then 😉 …). I wish companies would consider their packaging more – I end up with huge boxes stuffed with packaging materials for tiny items!

  19. Oh interesting, the term slow living is completely new to me but I'm so impressed with how you're looking at all those different areas of your life. It's something I'm sure lots of us would like to do (source food more locally, recycle more, reduce carbon footprint, shop ethically, etc) but unless you actually sit down and make a conscious effort to make those changes – it can just slip off the radar can't it. Looking forward to see how you get on!

  20. Great goals to work towards, I hate waste but we still do it sometimes when life has you busy and you are too tired to cook. I am looking at starting my own vegetable patch to help reduce waste that way.

  21. There are also some companies who could do with some lessons on packaging waste!

  22. You're so right about packaging. We have so much that needs recycling. I would love to hav less that needs recycling.

  23. Glad that you're making a change in your life, many of us can learn from you. I try to recycle as much as i can.

  24. it sounds like you have such an interesting years ahead Kizzy as you make all these changes, bets of luck. Mich x

  25. I try not to waste stuff but it always amazes me that at the end of the week I have a big bag full of recycling and there is only 3 of us! x

  26. So true it's insane how quickly our bin fills up :/ xx

  27. Companies could really do a better job with packaging these days – Ridiculously big boxes for small things is a regular occurrence with our post!

  28. Sonia says: Reply

    I really need to do this too, especially the amount of waste we use. Thanks for the inspiration x

  29. Some great goals and ideas you have put together.I look forward to reading about how you achieve them.

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