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When I was little, I always wanted a large house with a nice car and lots of money. I know I was not alone in wanting these things, and until recently it was still my dream.
Everywhere we look, on TV, in magazine’s and even talking to those around us, the idea that we should all be striving for bigger better things is constantly being thrown at us. Keeping up with the Jones is the term for this or one of them, and I used to try and play along although we have never been in a position to really keep up.
Then, one day when I was feeling as though I had failed because we didn’t have our own home or a nice big shiny car, I knew my mindset was wrong. I wasn’t happy and I knew that having these things wouldn’t make me happy either.
Living a life where I am happy with the things we have is what I want out of life.  Being able to spend quality time with my family and eating healthy food are my main aims. Money, although we need it, we only need enough to achieve this.
It’s about finding our balance, earning enough to live the life we want, not what others have. By  embracing this and not feel as though we are wrong for not wanting all the material things society expects us to have, I’ll be happy.
My dream home now?
The one accompanying this post. Living in a wood, being as self-sufficient as possible and embracing the world around me, cherishing what we have and knowing we are limiting our impact upon the world and hopefully leaving a legacy through our children.
Don’t get me wrong, if you have the life I used to dream of and are happy living like this then fair play to you, but it’s not for me. I have a long way to go to achieve my dream life, but by sharing these thoughts and our journey along the way, these are the stepping stones to fulfilling this dream.
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  1. We've decided to stay in our flat so we can travel. Other people have bigger and better houses and cars but spending our money on travel is what makes us happy.

  2. I think when we were kids we all wanted that but now that we grown our dreams and ambitions have shifted and so they should. Great post

  3. totally agree. My dream too was to own a big house, nice car, loads of clothes etc. But in reality I know that is never going to happen. So now I just enjoy the little things, like going for family walks, having family night. We are making some great memories and these are what are going to be the most important thing in later life.

  4. I think due to society we all become far to materialistic and its when you suffer a trauma or family tragedy do you really start to look at life different and what really matters to you and it isn't the 52" inch TV on the wall

  5. I think Everyone wants different things out of life, me personally I can say hand on heart I am completely happy with everything I have. A happy healthy little girl, and a roof over our head. Granted it may not be our house (it's rented), but i won't buy my own property. I used to want to own my own house until I started working in the care sector. I have seen so many elderly people have their house sold to cover the cost of their care, even though they have children who they wanted to leave their house too. It really does put it in perspective x

  6. Great thought provoking post. Sadly we are molded by the media to think that bigger is better and will make us all happy. Reality of that is the majority of us won't ever get this status.
    I am happy with my lot. I have no children (my choice) and I enjoy time with my other half, travelling and the simple things in life.

  7. Farrah says: Reply

    I want to live in a house just like that photo as well!!
    The media makes everything inauthentic, it's such a shame. They make people believe that you cannot achieve happiness without that new car, or these clothes, or that house, or whatever. Yes, money definitely makes life easier and less stressful, but after a certain amount of money, your happiness does not increase. I think people are truly searching for authenticity, and the only way to find it is through actually finding what YOU personally desire, not what the media thinks you want.

  8. I agree my dream was to live in a big house, have a car and have loads of money to buy novel things. These days I much prefer the idea of an ideal size home and spending money on making memories than on processions.

  9. A really thought provoking post, everyone is different and finds happiness in different things. We're happy you're striving to find yours x

  10. I think generally we are too materialistic, I am striving to teach my children that possessions aren't everything. Great post. Kaz x

  11. When I was 18, I thought I just wanted a huge house with a swimming pool.

    Now, I want my kids to be happy, warm, healthy. Things do change.

    That picture of the cabin reminds me of the Evil Dead though. I'm sure it's beautiful but that movie has ruined cabins for me. :/

  12. I think its good to have high hopes and dreams for the future, but having lavish things isnt everything, all you need is the basics to be happy. Love, shelter, food and water. x

  13. So true. We've always said the same. Being self-sufficient would be amazing. Not sure we'd ever get there though. Not green fingered enough x lovely post

  14. We are lucky that we own our own home, however I long to move to one slightly bigger so the kids can have their own room. I am not sure about being self sufficient but would love some chickens

  15. Great post, everyone finds happiness in different things. Our social group is moving into that next round of housing as such. However we are happy where we are and intend on staying there at leat until we have had our second child and who knows forever? I don't want the added stress of a bigger mortgage and love our little cottage. I am glad you have found what makes you happy, so many people don't xx

  16. It too much hard work keeping up with everyone else. I've learnt in recent years that health and happiness are way more important. No amount of money can buy good health or take away pain x

  17. What a sweet & thoughtful post! I do think that the 'keeping up with the Jones' attitude can be really damaging, and ultimately you have to discover for yourself what truly makes you happy (which generally isn't big cars and houses!). Miranda xxx

  18. I have to admit that as I get older I do love my home comforts. I think lots of people think "what's the point of working hard all your life if you have nothing to show for it"?

  19. I'm sure everyone had dreamt of that big house at one point or another. I'm now settled on the fact that this will never happen so am focused on sorting the house we have so that it is perfect for us x

  20. Personally I would like a bigger house but not for me, for my children. Baby number 2 arrives in May and he will be sharing a bedroom with Lamb. I am happy where we are and love out little 2 bed semi, but space is limited and it's getting a little cramped. If I can work hard and upsize a little then I will, I don't see myself as materialistic for wanting that. xx

  21. Great thought provoking post. I would like to move to a bigger house but only because we are cramped with no room for our children to have their own space and I would only want to have a house just big enough for our needs. I quite like the idea of living in a cabin the woods.

  22. I would love to have a house that just big enough and some land so we could have lots of animals and be as self sufficient as we can. I find that modern houses can be a bit too close to everyone else – I spent some of my childhood in a tiny village and I have never quite got used to that loss of space and freedom

  23. Id hate to live in the woods. Eeeeeeeep that's a thing from horror movies.

  24. I share the exact same dream. A small cabin in the woods, as self-sustained as possible, living simply and slowly, enjoying the present moment and not striving for anything.

  25. I would love to live on a farm and be self-sufficient and equally. if I ever have a windfall, I would open my own cattery for unloved and unwanted cats x

  26. This is so true. Really good post to make you think. I think society makes us want more. I'm lucky enough to be well travelled but that's cause my parents didn't want to spend money on material things they wanted us to enjoy life.we didn't have a big house or fancy care but we did have lots of adventures x

  27. With maturity brings a sense of being able to find what truly makes you happy – whether that be the new house and fancy car, or a log cabin in the woods. I'd like to hope I'm somewhere in between, but I'm definitely happy with what I do have and wouldn't change a thing x

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