Winter light

Winter Light ~ Slowly LivedCheese and Spring Onion Scrambled Eggs ~ Slowly Lived



There is something about the light that filters through my kitchen window during these winter months, the way it dances along the table, illuminating the objects in its path, bathing them in a pure white glow.
Each season has its own light, but by far my favourite is the winter.
Winter is the season we snuggle down and enjoy creature comforts, one of mine being comfort food. I have a love-hate relationship with eggs yet during the Winter and Summer, eggs feature regularly in our diet.
Experimenting the other morning, I created my favourite scrambled eggs to date.

Cheese and Spring Onion Scrambled Eggs

Serves 2
1 knob butter
1 spring onion, chopped finely
8 eggs, whisked
Handful grated cheddar
Black pepper, to taste
Heat the butter in a frying pan , adding the spring onion and softening for 4 minutes.
Add the eggs to the pan and sprinkle over the cheese.
Keep moving the eggs in the pan.
Once the eggs have become firm but not dry, serve
Season and serve with bread and butter or a small side salad.
Perfect for breakfast or lunch.
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  1. I love eggs in all forms and scrambled eggs makes a great lunch. I've got a lot of eggs at the moment so I may treat myself today.

  2. I love the light at this time of year too. Those eggs look delicious, I need someone to make me breakfast x

  3. I love scrambled eggs, though we rarely make them at mine because everyone in the family seems to like them cooked slightly differently!

  4. I love scrambled eggs why have I not had them with spring onions?!

  5. Ooo this looks delish! And so easy too. I might make this for my lunch today x

  6. Wow, you are super talented with that camera! I am terrible at finding light… though I'm not bad at knocking out some pretty tasty scrambled eggs as they were a firm favourite with Reuben as a baby and are now with Edie! I've never added spring onions though!! H x

  7. The photos are lit so beautifully. I am also loving the sound of that recipe 🙂

  8. I love the light in those photos, beautiful. I will need to try that recipe for my little girl she loves eggs, me not so much x

  9. I love scrambled eggs and spring onions add such a lovely flavour – gorgeous pics!

  10. Love scrambled eggs and love the pictures here, the lighting is beautiful. Off to explore the rest of your blog now…

  11. I really fancy cheese and onion scrambled eggs now. I struggle with the lack of light in the winter, our lounge is north facing :0(

  12. oh my goodness we are so on the same wavelength, I love winter for all the same reasons. I've not managed to take such lovely photos in my kitchen on dark days though. I also love scrambled eggs and I was just about to go and make lunch…mmm we have some spring onions too. thanks for the inspiration.

  13. The light in that first photograph in particular is gorgeous. And those scrambled eggs look amazing! 🙂

  14. Love the way your photos captured winter light and the moodiness in the air. Yep, that certainly is winter. I have to admit though, I'm glad it's almost over and that it almost feels like spring is about to sprung 🙂 And also those scrambled eggs look delicious!

  15. I love scrambled eggs and these sound really good. Annoyingly my toddler won't touch scrambled eggs (which is weird as she loves quiche!) Maybe she'd go for these?

  16. Love all types of eggs (except boiled eggs which make me cringe). These an art to getting scrambled eggs just right, these look lovely. You are very welcome over for breakfast any day.

  17. Yes, there is something magical almost about the winter light, isn't there?
    We love eggs here too and they always make an easy and filling breakfast or lunch.xx

  18. Love the photos. I have some spare eggs so I am going to try your recipe out!

  19. I love this time of year too, although I'm not really a fan of eggs! x

  20. Those scrambled eggs look scrumptious! I love the winter light too – it's just a shame it doesn't last for very long! x

  21. I know just what you mean about the light but I must admit that I'm looking forward to the long Summer days so I can take photos inside without waiting for good light x

  22. Spring is the season of light for me … I love that the days start getting longer. It's bright and crisp with a hint of colour.

  23. Oh now the cheese and onion scrambled egg sounds amazing, totally trying that x

  24. Guess what I am having for lunch now – I LOVE scrambled eggs and I have sprint onions in the fridge

  25. I love winter, being all wrapped up and cosy while its freezing outside. But light wise I like the summer, how everything is so bright. Especially towards the evening when it gets the redish glow

  26. I love the winter light when it is a bright day – too often the days are just grey and dull 🙁 those eggs look delicious! Kaz x

  27. I'm so boring, I've never tried to adjust my scrambled eggs, this sounds very good. Mich x

  28. This looks delicious! Scrambled eggs are one of my 'go-to' dishes so must try this. I also adore the winter light, not as much as golden light but it's so pretty.

  29. I love scrambled eggs but have been pretty bored of them recently. Maybe this will get me eating them again! x

  30. They sound delicious and I seriously wish my photography was even a patch on yours!xx

  31. I love that rustic look winter light gives to photos

  32. I love eggs big time and can not get enough of them, I hardly ever make scrambled eggs but love them too.


  33. I always crave eggs at this time of year. Might make some for my tea – your post has made me feel peckish!

  34. Oh that scrambled eggs looks amazing! I'll have to try this x

  35. Scrambled egg is a real weekend dish for us. Must give this a try.

  36. Ooh nom nom these look delicious and I bet they are! We are huge egg fans here and we love spring onions too. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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