Day off

Sometimes you just need a day off.
A day were you sit and chill.
A day where you just do nothing.
I had one of those days yesterday.
It felt good.
It also gave me time to take stock.
Realise that I need to take control rather than letting life rule.
Also, I need to stop and think.
Think about my actions before I act.
Sometimes a cuddle rather than a raised voice is what is needed.
Stepping back and seeing the situation for what it is.
Living in the here and now.
Being present.
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  1. Nice thoughts. There's a lot to be said for 'taking stock'. Taking yourself away and bringing things down a level of two to reevaluate. All good 🙂

  2. Lovely! We all deserve a day off where we do nothing. Lovely photos.

  3. I love reading – I wish I had chance at the moment to just take a day off and chill. To me, I get to chill out on Sundays and usually that means either doing something with the kids and maybe an hour or so at work… I can't remember the last time I took a lovely long walk for no reason… might have to rectify that next week with the tinkers! H x

  4. I did exactly that yesterday, I had lots to do but the teen tempted me with a trip out to Durdle Door in the sunshine and I thought that all the work will still be here today, so I went and it was lovely! (paying the price today as I try and catch up, but so worth it!)

  5. Definitely thimk its needed to have a day off once in awhile. I'm lucky my husband at the weekend is happy to let me have a few hours to relax and recharge whilst he plays with Blake.

  6. Dean B says: Reply

    I would love to have a day off right now! Hopefully soon. x

  7. Louise says: Reply

    i love days like these when you have no plans and can just recharge the batteries. xxx

  8. I was thinking this myself today as I had to haul myself out of bed for an appointment. I just wanted a slow day but it hasn't happened so I've decided to have an easy night and take it slower tomorrow. I've given myself permission!!!

  9. What excellent advice. Resonated with me today x

  10. Whenever I try to have a day off, the kids go crazy and need to be taken out. Resulting in no day off.

  11. I think we all need a day off from time to time. I took Sebby out for a gentle walk today and it was so relaxing

  12. I definitely always need a sit down and do nothing day! Usually a Sunday tbh 🙂

  13. Yes, yes and yes. We have had intermittent internet access since Friday and it has been wonderful. Although I am going to admit it made me all jittery!

  14. Exactly the conclusion I came to today! Love the way you put the words on the page, so soothing!

  15. I need a day like that but right now there is so much stress and things to deal with that it can be hard to regroup.

  16. So totally agree, I day off from everything away from life is always good for the soul x

  17. This is great advice, especially the bit about cuddles rather than raised voices. Sometimes it's easy to forget they're so little…

  18. I love days off. I have one of those one day a week now. 🙂

  19. I wish I could have one if those. X

  20. Humm, a day off! I don't have on of those in ages (at least is seems ages to me!)

  21. If only your were tere to whisper these words in my ear when times get tough. Great reflections!!

  22. You are absolutely right we do once in a while need to have a day off to unwind and recharge.

  23. some really great positive thoughts here great day for you

  24. I'm really desperate for a day off and to disconnect a little bit. I will be doing this during the weekend. Really nice and positive thoughts.

  25. I agree, I bet it's so easy to react without thinking when you're so busy and in the throws of daily life. It's good to take some time to regroup and take stock. I'm glad you're feeling better, fresh air does that for me as well 🙂 X

  26. I agree, I think sometimes life just gets so busy we miss the small things. I love nothing more than a walk in the park with my little girl, regrouping and letting her take her time walking through the woods without the rush of life, phones going off and the television blabbing away to noone. Glad you are feeling better. x

  27. Taking a complete day to relax and do nothing but focus on yourself sounds like heaven. It also gives you that valuable time to think doesn't it

  28. Beautiful post and such a wonderful thing to do too. There's nothing better than taking a day and escaping for a bit x

  29. Nice thoughts & beautiful photos. So nice to take a day off to escape for a bit.

  30. oana79 says: Reply

    I need to get into the habit of doing this, I am always so frazzled and stressed out!xx

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