Frosty morn
Sunset 0316
Even with trying to slow things down life still manages to get in the way.
All of my words seem to have been used up over the last two weeks on assignments, hence no posts for a while.
Instead of leaving this place, my sanctuary, feeling lonely any longer I thought I’d share some snapshots from life over the last week.
Have a great Saturday x
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  1. Stunning photos, I love the pink sky x

  2. Gorgeous photos that look so calm and welcoming.

  3. lovely photos, it is a slice of calm. I am looking forward to school finishing for Easter so we can all go a bit slower.

  4. Lovely photo's. I just love the door. There's something about old doors and windows that makes me smile 🙂

  5. These images are so calming, I definitely needed this today. <3

  6. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos for this week. Here's hoping that next week is a little quieter for you x

  7. What stunning nad eye catching photos really beautiful.

  8. What beautiful photos. Really eye catching x

  9. Looks like you've had some cold weather there! Hope you've had some peace and quiet too.

  10. Stunning photos Kizzy, as always. You are so incredibly talented 🙂 Hx

  11. Sonia says: Reply

    Such beautiful photos! That sky looks incredible x

  12. Amazing photos, I love trees when they are in silhouette, and the skies are just beautifully captured.

  13. I need to get some Muscari. they were my something blue in my wedding bouquet (18 March 1995)!

  14. Absolutely stunning pictures, I hope you have a lovely week xx

  15. These photos are beautiful! I especially love the door one at the end

  16. Beautiful photos – I love the sunset it is just gorgeous. Kaz x

  17. Stunning photos, where is that door?

  18. You have some stunning photos there, I love the night sky, how pretty x

  19. Beautiful photos – that sunset is just gorgeous! I hope you've had a lovely weekend x

  20. Gorgeous photos. The sunset one is my favourite. X

  21. These are all stunning photos. They are all beautiful. I also like the most the sunset with that pinky sky. 🙂 x

  22. These are beautiful. The sun through the trees, the sun set, the pot. So well framed. 🙂

  23. wow some amazing pictures here and the sunset has to be the best for me so pretty

  24. I hope your assignment are going well. These are beautiful photos x

  25. your photos are stunning, love how you have captured the cold weather x

  26. Absolutely love the photos.

  27. oana79 says: Reply

    Your photos are beautiful and speak more than a thousands words of appreciation of life and its everyday miracles.xx

  28. Gorgeous photos! I think it makes a nice change to just share some pictures sometimes.

  29. Love the photo's, they can transport you back to that calming place when your in the thick of your assignments! x

  30. Absolutely stunning photographs.

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