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I have always had a love of books but until I started my Creative Writing degree, I just read. I read the words on the page, allowing the story to lay out in my mind without really thinking about why the writer was writing that way and what they were trying to achieve by taking the story in a certain direction.
During my first year of the degree, one of the assignments was to read as a writer. This changed the way I read books from then on. Looking over the words on the page and assessing why they were used and what they created has enriched my reading experience and also made it a learning curve too. Each book has new lessons to teach in the art of writing beautiful and compelling prose.
Podcasts are another great way of learning from writers and finding new books in every genre you can imagine. I have been an avid podcast listener for the past year and would love to share with you some of my favourite book related podcasts for you to explore.

Books on the Nightstand

The Books on the Nightstand podcast has to be my favourite book related podcast. Not only does it talk about new books in both fiction and non-fiction, it shares an audio book recommendation each week too. The presenters both work in the publishing industry, something you can tell when listening to their conversations. Th conversation format of this podcast works really well and it feels like you are listening in to two friends chatting on the phone.

Books and Authors

Radio 4 has some great programs on its airwaves but since my car aerial broke off when we went through the car wash last month, I have to either listen to them on the iPlayer or download them as podcasts. The Books and Authors podcast is another great all-rounder sharing book recommendations, author interviews and news from the industry. The feed incorporates both Open Book and A Good Read, the latter being two guests and the presenter, Harriet Gilbert choosing books that they all read and share their opinions on. This is a great way to find older books to read.

The Guardian Books Podcast

Similar to Books and Authors, The Guardian Books podcast is another British podcast that shares author interviews, readings and discussions, usually featuring some of the live session The Guardian run throughout the year. They also occasionally have a theme running through a month’s worth of episodes, recently they ran a nature theme which was really interesting sharing poems and short stories all set in woodlands.
Do you have any favourite podcasts, I’m always on the look out for new ones?
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  1. I'll have to hunt these out, they'd be tight up my street! Aside from the Meet The Parents Podcast that I feature in, I love listening to the radio 4 comedy shows and also No Such Thing as a Fish from the QI elves xx

  2. I've never really listened to podcasts but this seems like a good idea to start!

  3. Ahhhh its so nooning as I really want to get into reading but I always end myself watching some rubbish on TV!! I must try and set more time aside to read as It is something I really enjoy!!

  4. Interesting. Part of me doesn't want to read as a writer as I think it might spoil the magic, but on the other hand I think it might mean appreciating more.

  5. I'd love to listen to podcasts, but, sadly, I just don't have the time. But maybe I should make some!

  6. I've never listened to a podcast you know!! And I don't really read, I can't concentrate, my mind runs wild and I end up having to read each page three or four times. I wish I could, I used to read so many books!!! x

  7. I have to admit to never having listened to a podcast or an audio book! One of my friends, who does a lot of driving for her work, loves them.
    I love books and I love reading and I fear that if I attempted to listen to something I would tune out. I do this when I listen to the radio – I just hear the music and not the chat.
    Maybe I should give it a go though.

  8. Do you know, I have never listened to a podcast before. I've never really understood what a podcast actually means but I should really try listening to one. Thank you for the tips x

  9. Ive only recently the last few years become a big reader.. but I've never listened to podcasts.. its sounds great though! thanks for sharing x

  10. Dean B says: Reply

    I have yet to listen to Podcasts. My sister listens to a lot and has recommended loads to me. Will also look into the ones you've mentioned here. Thank you 🙂

  11. I've really gotten into podcasts recently and usually start my day with one while I get ready for work, but I hadn't even considered that book podcasts might exist. It seems pretty obvious now, but I'll definitely be adding one or two of these to my subscriptions!

    Jodie x

  12. I've never listened to a podcast, imagine that! These would be a great starter 🙂

  13. I have to admit that the only podcast I listen to is the Podding Shed (A Chelsea one), I really should listen to more

  14. Having to be in the car for any extended period of time without Radio 4 sounds like a nightmare. I listen to one particular podcast and love the medium although its something I've only recently discovered. I'll check these out. Thanks!

  15. I dont like podcasts instead I much prefer to read

  16. Dare I admit that I have never even listened to a podcast? Perhaps your list is a good place to begin!

  17. Fiona says: Reply

    I've actually never listened to a podcast, I'm so behind with technology!

  18. Thanks loads for these podcast suggestions – I drive so many miles and wish I was reading. Not all books are suitable for having a 13yo in the car with me though so book podcasts sound perfect. I also like Claudia Winkleman's art show on Radio 2Fri evening when she discusses books.

  19. I have never listened to a podcast – these sound great though, I must try them! Kaz x

  20. I'm off to look into these a bit more as I've recently got into podcasts and listen to them in the car rather than the radio. It's become my thing and I wonder why I've never done it before! Thanks for linking up to #PoCoLo x

  21. If only I had time to read… Or stay awake long enough to finish a page! X

  22. oana79 says: Reply

    Thank you for your suggestions, I will have a look at all these, the sound really interesting!

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