Essential Spring Cleaning

Over the coming months, I am going to be exploring the many ways essential oils can be used within the home.

From first aid to cleaning, fragrance to beauty, as I try new things out, I want to share my experiences with you.

Before I dive into this area wholeheartedly, I thought I’d first share some of the quick ways in which I already use essential oils in our home, and with many of us Spring cleaning, what better way to introduce natural cleaning to our homes.

 Essential oils in the home

Make a spray of Tea Tree, Lemongrass and Citronella to spray around the top and base of your bin to keep insects at bay and freshen your bin.

Wipe out your fridge or freezer with 1 drop of Grapefruit oil diluted with water on a cloth.

Before you start vacuuming, place a few drops essential oil (I use Citronella as it is a clean fresh smell) either onto the filter pad or on some cotton wool in the hoover bag, to leave a clean fresh smell after hoovering.

Pure Essential oils are a fantastic way to fragrance your home, especially as a little problem solver. Some cotton wool balls placed in inconspicuous places will gently fragrance your house. Try this in shoes to banish nasty niffs, cupboards, draws and waste paper bins to keep the content smelling nice.

Also, add a few drops to the inside of your toilet roll to keep your bathroom smelling nice.

I hope these few tips will help with you cleaning tasks as well as helping to lighten your mood!

Just a few words of caution when using essential oils around the home.

Essential oils could damage plastic, polished or painted surfaces and delicate materials.

Always test a small area first with the proposed diluted blend and use neat oils with extreme caution.

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17 Comment

  1. I can imagine that the lemongrass one smells really fresh and welcoming!

  2. I’ve never used essential oils while cleaning, maybe I should cause I love them. Gonna try the cotton wool and hoover trick this afternoon. I hate the smell of the hoover.

  3. Oh such good ideas ivd been wanting to get essential oils for awhile where is the best place to purchase them ?

  4. Fi Ni Neachtain says: Reply

    I’ve never used essential oils as part of my cleaning routine before but I think I’ll have to give them a go, especially the spray for the bin.

  5. Great idea – I add ironing water to my steam cleaner for a similar effect, but certainly going to try the bin trick

  6. What a fab trick – I love the clean, fresh smell of lemongrass and tea tree. Perfect for spring and going into summer! H x

  7. Oh wow. I’d never think of using them I wouldn’t know where to start

  8. We’ve never used essential oils around the house but the bin idea sounds genius! Must give it a go!

  9. Ooh thanks for the tips, I never thought to use essential oils around the home! X

  10. I keep hearing about the benefits of these essential oils, but I’ve yet to try them. Great post x

  11. I’d never of thought of doing any of these things lol what fab ideas, will definitely be using the hoover one xx

  12. Ooh I’d never even THOUGHT about using essential oils to fragrance the home – will definitely be giving this one a go, especially the bin tip. I always think our bin stinks!

  13. I have never thought I using essential oils in that way before! I like the sound of a few drops in the toilet roll!! What a fab idea! X

  14. this post was right up my street! thanks for sharing your tips, using essential oils for cleaning is something i’ve been looking more into lately!


  15. That is such great idea i never really used essential oils whilst cleaning i would def use them now. The lemongrass would probably be my fave fresh and clean.

  16. I never done spring cleaning – I still get my mum to do it! I’m so evil. I use essential oil around the kitchen – it stops the fly buzzing around.

  17. ooh I love that top image! Great styling, essentials oils are fantastic aren’t they! I love the smell of lavender and we use it with the kids a lot x

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