Think yourself younger?

Have you ever wondered if what you think might influence how you look? Is it possible to think yourself younger?


This is something I have been wondering for some time and recently I read an article that answered my question. In this article, it stated that if you said kinder things to yourself and had a happier and more positive outlook on life, you could gain a more youthful appearance. These claims were made by Nikki Owen, who is a practitioner of Nero-linguistics programming and also a TV commentator who has been described as Britain’s leading charisma expert.

Nikki said she had long been trying to teach people the impact our thinking has on our appearance. She says that we have a power within ourselves that can create a life we want, not just our careers, but our looks as well.

Nikki carried out a simple experiment using apples, which have a similar water content – 60 percent – as the human body.

She cut an apple in half, put one-half in one jar and labelled it love and said kind things to it for a week, and the other half in a jar labelled it hate and said spiteful things to it for the week. Although it sounds extremely strange, by the end of the week the hated part was in a considerably worse state of decay than the half that had been subjected to affection.

Apparently, hundreds of women had tried similar experiments and the results have been consistent. Nikki’s theory is based on the work of Japanese scientist Dr Masaru Emoto. He has carried out countless studies  which suggest molecules in water crystals can be affected by our thoughts, words and feelings, which determines the shape of the crystals. His tests reveal the molecules that have been exposed to happy or loving environments form symmetrical crystals, whilst those exposed to unpleasant influences are misshapen.

If you consider that our bodies are made up of 60 percent water then these studies make sense of the fact that being negative will encourage rot and decay.

Is it really time to ditch the anti-ageing creams and adopt a more positive mental attitude? Maybe, Clinical psychologist  Dr Helen Nightingale supports Nikki’s theory. She says that by just clearly saying nice things to yourself won’t magically erase wrinkles but you are what you think so your thoughts always have an impact on the way we behave, our mood, our looks and our body.

If having a vase of flowers on the windowsill makes you smile, this will show in your face! So the happier we are in ourselves and how we think, the more it will show in our faces and in turn we should look more youthful and happier!

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