Real food battles

Finding recipes that the whole family will eat is a challenge in itself, but finding a meal that incorporates my new ethos, real food, is proving difficult. This alone reinforces my decision, the food they love is full of additives, sugar and god know what else, obviously things that appeal to the taste buds. This […]

Handmade Blue Cheese Burgers

  Living in Leicestershire, blue cheese has obviously been a staple ingredient in our diet. Actually, without Long Clawson Dairy’s Blue Stilton, I wouldn’t be here, but that’s a story for another day. Finding new ways to incorporate one of our local ingredients into family meals is important, especially now that I am trying to […]

Winter light

    There is something about the light that filters through my kitchen window during these winter months, the way it dances along the table, illuminating the objects in its path, bathing them in a pure white glow. Each season has its own light, but by far my favourite is the winter. Crisp Pure Fresh […]